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remingtin, bergeron, the linear complex, discount, the spitvalves, leland plumbing, my ice and the lack have cancelled.

*reversal of man: tampa, fl

*milemarker: carrboro, nc

*portrait: atlanta, ga

*je-free: gainesville, fl

*the red scare: knoxville, tn

*day building: orlando, fl

*the spirit of versailles: sioux falls, sd

*the maccabees (ex-pohgoh): tampa, fl

*d.j. maaku: new york

*the runnamucks: orlando, fl

*saqqara: sioux falls, sd

*the forstella ford: racine, wi

*jackie carlson: tampa, fl

*hunter-gatherer: atlanta, ga

*versailles: tampa, fl

*spacious int'l: tampa, fl

*lauren cain: orlando, fl

*word play inc. (2 mc's) *s.f.t. (swift floor techniques) (breakers) *spitfire turntablists (2 dj's): miami, fl

*bloody fucking chum bucket: orlando, fl

*lars: gainesville, fl

*the florida arson project: orlando, fl

*against me: gainesville, fl

*juniper ruby: boston, ma

*bloody red velvet: boston, ma

*combat wounded veteran: tampa, fl (maybe)

there will be a 45 minute rule for bands. in this time frame, the bands will set up, play and break down. while another band is setting up, the band before will be breaking down, sharing 15 minutes of their 45 to do so. so every band will have 30 minutes to play.