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Florida Radical Activist Networking Zine

Become active in florida. This is ya'lls call out to action. So, so, so much is going on for you to take part in. its about time! please let your friends know about this page! Produced by: @ction kidz 99. look out for--->youth gone wile 99 train hopping florida zine. oh-yeah! so many ideas in the making just waiting for you...

$ monetary minimalist movement $ aka im frugal and proud: gainesville kidz & then some taking freeganism beyond dumpster diving, organizing themselves into a barter community to break away from the oppressive dollar.

global stree party!: if nyc, san fran, france, england, germany & more can take to the streets for some REVOLUTIONARY HOOPLA...WHY CANT FLORIDA?! we are! be part of the plans for this junes extravaganza!!!

Orlando FNB
PO BOX 720418
Orlando, FL 32872

tori/nick/paul "the red and black shack" 407.673.8189-we do house shows!

sharings: sunday, 3pm @ the empty lot on the corner of Church St. & Westmoreland and wednesday, 6pm @ Lake Eola by the ampitheatre

orlando food not bombs is (as far as i know) the longest-running FNB group in Florida. they deserve mad props for longevity. the o-town crew has also been attempting Critical Mass with limited success, but have individually sporting their bike punk skills. The kids are currently hard at work on creating a community center/library/resource center/venue/awesome place in their community, which will serve as a center of operations, host speakers, bands and workshops, and contain an extensive multi-media library of resources for revolution. Several orlando activists are also helping to creat DIY camp #2, August 1-9. For more info on any of these projects or IWW organizing, or anything else contact these kids.

o-town notes: if you find yourself in o-town and are bored or hungry, a new punk record store called counter vulture just opened up downtown and they put on shows and are willing to let the space be used for benefit shows. tony's deli on mills ave. has great falafel and spinach pies, etc.-independent and cheap. Theres also a 7th day adventist hospital (florida hosp. downtown on orange) w/ an all vegetarian cafeteria that is open to about 2am and is filled with super-cheap vegetarian food and great plate-scraping opportunities. All the kids in orlando work at health food stores (whole foods and chamberlains) which both have delis, so you could look into hook-ups or you could look in dumpsters. Also, all einstein bros. bagels got fresh bagels in the dumpster around 6:30pm.

Clearwater FNB
PO BOX 17838
Clearwater, FL 34662

sharings: sunday, 2:30pm @ coachman park & wednesday, 7:30pm @ coachman park Critical Mass: last saturday of every month. meet at noon, ride at 12:30, coachman park.

in addition to FNB and CM, clearwater serves as the headquarters for Death Metal Militia disrto and Earth First (contact the trailer). There is talk and action in the direction of a community center (articles of incorporation, non-profit status, possible space, mission statement, benefit shows) and some bike repair (small-scale Bikes not Bombs!), as well as the champion dumpster-diving crew in Florida. There are also Wobbies wandering around, for your labor needs. contact! go! (beware: clearwater, MANOWAR cover band!)

c-town notes: a new skate park opened up in clearwater and they are having punk shows every friday. there is a health food store called Nature's Food Patch you could hit up for grub or...there is a Frito-Lay distibution center with an amazing dumpster chip hook-up. Another favorite treat: at 12:30 7-11 throws away their "fresh baked" pastries and cookies and if you go early...hook up! dont forget dunkin donuts dumpster if you are all about the gross freegan eats.

Naples FNB
Tom Not Bombs
1059 6th lane N.
Naples, FL 34107

sharings: every sunday @ around 1pm. "we are a mobile unit, so no set serving place."

these kids have been sharing food about 40 mins. from naples in Immokalee, FL a central Fl farming community, heavily populated by migrant farm workers who have recently been involved in fighting for more rights and higher wages. it seems like there are a few kids in naples with a ton of energy and some amazing ideas, but they are sorely lacking in people-power, so if you live in the area GET IN TOUCH!

West Palm Beach: most of the fabulous femmes who made up FNB and then some have moved. but you can still reach the radical cheerleaders ad get their handbook at 2630 floral rd. lantana, fl 33462.

Gainesville FNB
237 1/2 S.W. 2nd place
Gainesville, FL 32601

sharings: saturday @ 2:30pm to cook@St. Francis House, 3:30-4pm to eat @Lynch Park critical mass: last friday of every month @ 5pm at Plaza of the Americas

g-ville has been consistently very active, with the Civic Media Center, a non-corporate, community-run library, meeting space and resource center, serving as the center of operations for a number of radical projects. THere has been a pirate radio station, Free Radio Gainesville, on and off recently, but they are having trouble with the FCC. (FRG is going back on the air! 1.31.99) Critical Mass draws huge crowds of 50-100 riders to flood the streets with people power and the CMC now is the home of the Free Fridge, a fully functional fridge full of food for fools. The fridge can be accessed whenever CMC is open and it usually contains some grub to whoever can use it. If you are considering moving to g-ville because there is so much going on, I urge you to resist the temptation; stay in your own city and try to make it "the next g-ville". It is possible! stay active and stay home! CMC: 1021 W. University Ave. G-ville, Fl. 32601. phone: 352.373.0010

Radical Cheerleaders: g-ville style. find out what all the hoo-ray is all about. PO Box 2101 G-ville, Fl 32601.

FREE veggie lunch! every weekday @ noon-plaza of the americas-UF campus. bring your own utensils and container!- waste not want not.

G-ville notes: The Hardback, which has been hosting local shows and a once-a-week independent record store just closed down. For records there is still Hyde and Zeke's and i have heard rumors about house shows. Ask around. Food! there is a Mother Earth health food store that is all about the dumpster. Our Place is and independent mostly veg/vegan rest. that is open 24 hours on the weekends and is currently being unionized. Bahn Thai has an awesome, not too expensive lunch buffet. Yum. Pop-A-Top is a gas station with a little sandwich shop hidden inside it. Really greasy, delicious fried tofu wraps, falafel, etc. Leonardo's pizza is usually full of punks, working and eating and you may get a hook-up if u know somebody, but they have really good vegan pizza and usually vegan desserts (fudge) if you dont mind spending the dough.

Sarasota FNB
PO BOX 15243
Sarasota, Fl 34277

sharings: every saturday @ 2pm at Gillespie Park critical mass: last friday of every month, 5 points park. meet at 5pm. leave @ 5:30

Sarasota has been rockin' the FNB for about a year one, and the first s-town CM drew almost 50 bike punks to reclaim the streets. S-town kids are actively involved in planning the DIY camp and the Midwest Florida Punk fest/youth lib conference will be happening right here in sunny sarasota. we were recently very close to running our own record store/community center/all-that-other-great-stuff-you-can-do-it-if-you-have-a-space space, but, due to the code complications with backdoors and bathrooms we lost the space. we are currently looking into a new location, so stay tuned. sarasota also hold the title of being the least fashionable but MOST STYLISH florida city. you better work it.

S-town notes: there is a punk record store called Hero's Life which is worth supporting and usually has good stuff. there are a bunch of really good but expensive Thai restaurants and Granary and Mother Earth food stores. the best food in town: Sahara, a small independent middle easter cafe with really good falafel and hummus and 60 cent spinach pies. they even have smoothies! check it out. also, some good bakery dumpsters can be found. for fun: there is a really nice beach in Venice called Caspersen's and its really natural and beautiful and you can camp out there and build fires on the beach. we also climb on roofs pretty often. it is super-fun. yeah. go. uh, go. yeah. GO!

Tallahassee FNB
PO Box 20847
Tally, fl 32316

sharings: our meetings and developement of a community/youth center fnb meetings fridays 7pm behind public library on park st. community center meetings wed 7pm same location fnb cooking and movies start at 10am at random locations and sharings in Carter Strong Howell Park off on Georgia street at 3pm.


*West Palm Beach is doing some awesome anti-bombing/anti-sanctions Iraq protests and there are ex-FNB kids here who are still active and will hopefully be further represented in the next issue.

*Jacksonville is considering starting a FNB and are currently having awesome house shows at the 12 hour turn house. there are some super nice kids there and if you visit,there is a Rastafarian restaurant, yum. Also, hopefully more info, next issue. MAGNIFICO HOUSE 3057 kline rd. jaxonville, fl 32246. 904.998.8944

*Miami has a FNB and they are reportedly super-rad, so we look forward to seeing them at the Boca conference. They share food every saturday in coconut grove, miami. voicemail: 305.573.5135.

*Vero/Ft.Pierce has recently had a group and some real fun kids, but we are not sure waht is up with them these days. (see u in boca!)

*Ft. Lauderdale was doing FNB work as recently as the summer, so they are prolly still kickin' it! stay posted.

*Brooksville! come to boca! we want to meet you!

*Pensacola might have a FNB, too. maybe they will come to boca! (hint, hint)

*Next FL FNB meeting will be held at the Total Lib Conference in Boca Raton on the 13th or the 14th, as well as a meeting for DIY camp.

*if you want to get involved with any of this fun stuff or if you have a project of your own, dont hesitate to get in touch! we are really nice and friendly and we want to talk to you! help you! florida isnt so big that we should be out of touch with what our neighbors are doing. we are a community. lets stay connected. if you have questions, concerns, corrections, or suggestions about this zine, you can write to warren g (koala) using the sarasota FNB contact info. take care. resist much, obey little. GO!