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statement of non-violence.

this statement is in response to festivals in the past where violence has occured and many have just accepted violence as a part of fests. This festival is about revolution of the self and revolution of our society. we must realize that our present society thrives on violence for power, domination and wealth. if we as individuals or groups are going to become revolutionary or even try to change our environments, then we must face and deny violence. in order to achieve cooperation and community, there has to be communication and sharing amongst equals. violence does not creat equality, it only creates those stronger or weaker (hierarchy).

we must also realize that violence takes on many forms within our relationships and mainly effects women and low economic classes. violence cannot only be seen in attacking or physically assaulting another person, it can also be seen in communication i.e. yelling, ignoring, posturing, verbal abuse, etc. whether we are dancing or just talking to others, we must consider our actions and realize their effects on those who surround us. please, as artists, teachers and students, WE must display, show, and learn way to behave and become non-violent. if violence does occur we must find positive reactions and solutions to the problem. violence is also not a response to violence.

at this fest, drugs and alcohol will NOT be tolerated. please don't bring alcohol or drugs to the fest. DO NOT bring drugs or alcohol to the fest. DO NOT come f**ked up to this fest. this is NOT arguable. if you are going to come to this fest and bring drugs or alcohol, DONT COME. now, dont say we didnt tell you so.

thanks and have fun.