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Orlando Food Not Bombs E-mail:
P.O. Box 720418 Orlando, FL 32872

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Upcoming Events...

THE GO FEST. music. art. workshops. december 28-30, 1999.

Friday, October 22nd there will be a OFNB meeting to get more kids involved. @ the florida hospital cafeteria on orange ave. at 7pm. bring all your friends!

Saturday, October 16th is Anti-McDonald's day. there will be a protest at the McD's on International Drive on October 23, Sat. due to the stupid hurricane. e-mail liz
for more info or call 407.673.8189 and ask for liz.

Friday, October 22nd is Stop Police Brutality day. Please wear black on this day to support this cause. e-mail liz
for more info.

Saturday, October 23rd is an organizational meeting for the next DIY camp at the red and black shack. e-mail paul or tori
for more info.

Saturday, October 30th there will be an all day veggie bbq/potluck, skate jam, and show at the red and black shack. e-mail fran
for more info.

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Last Updated: October 15, 1999